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Hellooooo [Sep. 16th, 2009|08:15 am]

First of all:

On the run:

+ Oregon is gorgeous! Finally getting over the homesick.

+ Starting work today. I'm up & have donned the requisite scrubs (lovingly donated by my dear lisareturns. thanks Lady!)

- I am already missing Liam. This is the first time that I'm going to work so soon after having a baby. My pump is looking lovely right now!

& just a funny little thing I noticed: old habits die SUPER hard. In the days when I was a bus commuter, I was also a pack-a-day smoker. (Pre-kidlets, obvs!) So, this morning as I was walking to the bus stop, I actually had a split second urge to dig in my bag to light up! Hahaaha!!

+ Beat Pharmacy station on Pandora for my commute. Yay!

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One little piggy.... [Aug. 16th, 2007|01:50 pm]

One little piggy....
Originally uploaded by lorimarsha
hey Lady...you need this for Pig!
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(no subject) [Mar. 28th, 2007|09:56 pm]
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introducing chloe luna!

i know! i'm a lateski, right???
our little chloebug was born on march 12, at 38 weeks gestation.
she was 6 lbs and 17 3/4 inches.

my mom went with me to my prenatal exam at 11:15 on march 12. i am SO glad she was there, otherwise i would have really flipped my shit. my ma is in the chair, i'm on the table with dr russo giving me an exam, right? have you ever had the exam room door OPEN suddenly during a vaginal? i was -- well, all i could say was ummm?what? so my favorite nurse says something to the dr that i couldn't hear and dr whips out her hand and says:
you are going to the hospital NOW.
protein in my urine & high blood pressure. i was pre-eclamptic.
i kept saying this isn't what i wanted, over & over. dr says:
i know it isn't but this baby needs a mama. you need to be induced right away.
mom & i had been saying OHHHH! what are we going to eat after?? the only thing i got to eat was hospital food. omg. ew.
so we walk over to the hospital & i get admitted. we wait. i call lee. who, by the way, never heard what was wrong with me. all his male brain heard was IT'S TIME. hahaha. i had to reexplain it all when he arrived. finally, ma & i were taken to a room where i got into one of those lovely back open gowny jobs. then the nurse comes to "apply" my cervadil. more like scrapes my cervix with it!!! ow! apparently, the scrubbing action makes it work better...i checked. dr shows up & gives me the rundown. i tell her i feel a migrane coming on & she asks me what i usually do for them. hahahah -- diet coke & 4 advil, i tell her! the nurse actuall gasped out loud but dr says, oh yeah, that works! i requested a vicodin & diet coke and was shocked when she ok'd it. i took half of the vicodin and SAVORED my diet coke, as i had nary a one during my pregnancy.
lee made it by three & ma went to go pick up maggie from school. she said my aunt was on her way to my house so that when maggie was in bed, my aunt would stay and my mom would come back to hospital to be there for the birth.
neither dr nor mom made it to chloe's birth.
lee brought me a dock for my ipod ( & thankfully brought his ipod, too -- i ended up only wanting his music during my hard labor) and we just kind of listened to tunes & dozed for quite a bit. then a nurse came to give me an iv. she removed my cervadil and said that usually that isn't enough to get things going and that i'd need pitocin in the iv at some point. i was still at 1 or 2 cm at that point.
i guess the hard stuff began around 6 or 7. if you have never had children, let me just tell you that artificially induced contractions don't give you time to breathe -- they are just BANG BANG BANG! & they got stronger fast. before i knew it, i was saying things i never thought i would say like i canNOT do this. remember, i wanted to do this at home! for a split second i thought, maybe i'm in transition? naaaah! i couldn't be in transition already!!?!
then the nurse came to check me ( oh good GOD, are you kidding??? ) and when i laid down, i felt the strongest need to go to the bathroom. i thought, if i can just go, maybe it will take some of the pressure off. nope.
i just pushed the baby out. two pushes. no drugs.
the delivery nurse was so young and fantastic. she really behaved both like a hospital nurse and a doula/midwife. she left us alone for most of it and was really into touch and sitting on the bed with me when she needed to be in there. i made sure that i told her how awesome i thought she was.
i really wanted my midwife-to-be friend erin and my mom to be there... but in the end, something amazing went on between lee & i that i can't explain with words.
both my dr and mom had the same reaction when they showed up:
HEY! no fair! put that back!

she is a little me in ways that are obvious (hair, eyes, etc) and some that are not explainable. she's been here 2 weeks & i relate to her in a way i never could have anticipated. it very well may have to do with her striking resemblance to myself, being that i didn't know the paternal side of my family save but one year (when i was 19) and have had no relationship with folks i look like.
it's a new thing for me. and i am reveling in it and lapping up every minute.
breastfeeding is proving to be a highly painfull activity this time around, just as last time. but i'm not giving up.
oh, and fuzzy bunz rock.

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(no subject) [Mar. 29th, 2005|03:17 pm]
*it's not you, it's me.*

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